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Types of Pepper in Vietnam
Vietnam produces a variety of pepper types, which are all pegged on the ripening stages of the piper nigrum plant. These berries, which have cluster-like shape, keep changing colors in the steps of ripening. They start initially from green to yellowish or yellow-orange color and later on ends up as pure red, which is at a full maturity stage. Typically, the green phase of the berries is unripe, while the yellowish or yellow-orange or orange-red stage shows that the berry is fully ripe. Based on the maturity level of the berries or the color level when they are harvested, a Vietnam farmer can produce green pepper, black pepper or red pepper, including white pepper as discussed below:

How to steps to make export black pepper?

Step 1: Harvest pepper from the forest
The black pepper spikes are picked when one or two of the berries on the spike begin to turn orange and the berries a hard to touch

Step 2: Drying Pepper
During sun drying, the pepper are raked to ensure uniform colour and to void mould developemnt. Sun drying takes 7-10 days depending upon the local climate and the density of the pile of berries.

Step 3: Grading: Cleaning pepper by machine, Separate types of pepper
The dried black pepper are grabled by size, colour, relative density..Grade: Black Pepper 5MM BOLD, 580 G/L, 570 G/L, 550 G/L, 500 G/L, 300G/L, 200G/L.

Step 4: Packing for storage and export
Packaging: 20kg - 50kgs/bag or kraft bag | 17 tons in 20 FCL/ 28 tons in 40 FCL..

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