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Where/What is the vietnam star anise(Whole Star Anise, Star Anise Flower)
Star Anise growing area and development in Vietnam(science name of star anise: Illicium verum): Star anise is a specialty of Lang Son Province in Vietnam's northern mountain region, it ripens in the fall When fall arrives, a mesmerizing scent is emitted by the endless star anise forest surrounding villages in Van Quan District, Lang Son Province. Years of experience has taught them that because of the brittle, easy-to-break tree branches, farmers should climb the trees and pick up the fruits on sunny days, when the branches are hard enough to hold them.
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How to steps to make export star anise?

Step 1: Harvest star anise from the forest
When star anise flowers are large enough, workers go to the forest and pick flowers to dry.

Step 2: Dry star anise
Dry star anise flowers that have just been harvested in the sun for 10 to 15 days or put in the dryer until the dried anise has a moisture content of storage and export <= 12.5%.

Step 3: Clean star anise by hand or machine, Separate types of star anise
Star Anise: Grade: AAA.Oil content: 5% - 8% essential oil, Seed: brown, compressed, ovoid, smooth, shiny and brittle, Size: big size, eight points, a seed in each point, Diameter size, - 85% of 2.5cm up, - 10% 2.5cm down, 5% of broken, Colour: Natural, Bright brown.

Step 4: Packing for storage and export
Packaging: 5kgs,10kgs/carton, 6.5 tons/20ft or 15 tons/40ft.

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